Creating Content For Your Website And Social Media

You know you have to keep creating new content for your website and social media posts.

Well, you don’t. 

Embrace the Zero Waste crusade and reuse, recycle, and upcycle content you already have.

There are many ways you can take an existing or new piece of content and repurpose it. Take one of your blogs and:

  • Write several short social media posts from information in your blog and include links to your blog
  • Similarly, use part of the blog in your email campaigns or newsletters including links to the full blog
  • Design an infographic using key facts from the article
  • Turn it into a downloadable pdf on your website to capture leads – people can only download the pdf if they give you their email address
  • Turn it into a slideshow presentation
  • Create a podcast for people to listen to rather than read your article
  • Simply update the content using keywords and the latest facts or figures so it is still relevant today

People are more likely to read something which has images, so look at ways of adding relevant images or turning your article into a video for YouTube or Instagram story.

Whenever you write any marketing material, whether it is a blog or advertorial, write down at least three other ways you can use this information. 

Please get in touch if you don’t have time to update articles or landing pages on your website or would like to know more about reusing your existing content.