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Proofreading & Editing Services

It always pays to have someone else read your copy before you press Send. It’s really embarrassing when you realise you’ve sent an article or email, for example, which has a silly spelling mistake in it. Or you’ve forgotten to add your contact details.

It’s even more embarrassing when you’ve had 1,000 leaflets or 10,000 copies of a book or magazine printed and the first thing you spot is a grammatical error or misspelt word.

I was a sub-editor for newspapers in the UK and spent much of my working day reading copy to make sure there were no spelling gaffes, it was factually correct, and nobody was going to sue us!

I can offer proofreading and editing services for your:

  • book
  • magazine
  • newspaper
  • brochure
  • white paper, etc
Proofreading Editing Services