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Need insanely effective copy? Hire a professional writer!

What do you and singer FR David (who?) have in common?
……Words don’t come easy…..

Remember that song? Words don’t come easy to me….

Does it strike a chord with you? Maybe you spend a lot of time rewriting copy, thinking about what to write and then changing it. Often!

Or you simply don’t have time to write copy for your website or email campaigns.

Maybe you’re stuck for ideas about what to write. You know you need to update your website or write a blog, but other things take priority and these writing jobs fall further and further down the To Do list.

Cut the stress: hire a writer

I’m a freelance writer and I love writing. I’m full of great ideas for blogs, social media, articles, leaflets, brochures and email campaigns. That’s just for starters!

Hiring a freelance writer will free up your time to do the things that matter to you. Like meeting clients and making money.

Get in touch to see how much I can help you as your chosen freelance writer.

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